Tech Toys: Follow The Lita Lewis Fitness Maverick

Tech Toys: Follow The Lita Lewis Fitness Maverick

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Who is Follow The Lita Lewis? A charismatic ball of energy, Lita is known for her vivacious take on health & fitness as well as her addiction for all things that present a physical challenge! She currently competes in the sport of Bodybuilding and has gained a faithful following on social networks by sharing her journey. Recently she scored first place in New York Grand Prix, Women’s Figure division.

lita lewis follow the lita tech toys (10)Lita’s love for competitive sports started at a young age and has developed into a pure passion for leading and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it will not change you “


Food Scales

Diet to a competitive bodybuilding is everything, apparently so is the exact amount of food, and my food scale keeps me right in check. Coach says 4 ounces of tilapia, then 4 ounces, no more, no less it is!





lita lewis follow the lita tech toys (3)iPhone 4S

How productive can anyone be without their smart phone nowadays, seriously?! As sad as it is I feel completely lost and disconnected from the world and reality without mine. I use this phone for numerous things, from Face Timing with my coaches, to tracking my cardio mileage, playing itunes for some musical motivation during a hard training session …its uses are endless really.







lita lewis follow the lita tech toys (2)TREK Triathlon Bike aka Trilla-Trek

I can thank Trilla for helping me shape these gams into bodybuilding shape. Hours on hours spent pushing these peddles up and down New Jersey highways.





lita lewis follow the lita tech toys (1)


Nike Lunars Trainers / Nike ID Sesnor

Trust Nike to create a shoe that engages their customers competitive edge. These shoes along with the Nike ID sensors have a built in technology that allows the wearer to measure their distance, vertical jump and speed – need I say more. An necessity for somebody like myself, and a terrific way to boast and prove your greatness against mere mortals!


lita lewis follow the lita tech toys (7)








lita lewis follow the lita tech toys (5)Ninja Blender

The love of my life. My Ninja blender is the tool I use to whip up my favorite smoothies and protein shakes every single day! A simple device that keeps my taste buds happy and my body strong.










Canon Point & Shoot Camera

My coaches are based in Florida so an important part of my in contest prep training involves me having to submit body pictures every week for feedback. I use this Canon point and shoot camera, along with a  basic tripod to document my progress.




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