News Flash You Can Now Watch Sports Online Without Cable TV

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Cable bills have tripled over the past 10 years according to the Huffington Post. These prices will continue to increase, on average 40% in the next three years according to NDP group, a market research company.

Part of the reason for this increase is that sports properties are charging higher premiums for their television rights. Sports is “DVR proof,” since people want to know scores and see plays as they happen. Though some argue that the unique ability sports has to draw in consumers should be capitalized on advertisers, not consumers, this has been common practice for years. About 50% of cable bill costs are for sports channels.

If you have ever thought about lowering your monthly expenses by “cutting the cord,” but worried about missing live sports from the comfort of your own home – fear no more! Never miss a play by watching sports online.

From the moderate fans to the “Linsane,” there are several options out there for everyone. Here are a few ways you can now watch sports through different outlets online.

1. Live basketball NBA League Pass broadband

If you enjoy watching live action rather than hearing about  and seeing highlights from those games you could not see on SportsCenter, NBA League Pass is for you. Not only can you catch games from the comfort of your laptop or home computer, you also have almost all of the same features a television would have and more. some of the features include Picture in Picture, “Mosaic View” or the ability to watch four games at once, DVR Functionality, and “on demand” functionality. NBA League pass has two options: the premium package allows you to catch games of any team and the 2nd package allows you to choose your favorite five for the season.

Though there are blackout periods for nationally televised games and some restrictions apply, with the ability to catch almost 40 games per week, one will not be disappointed solely because a few are not available. The playoffs come in a separate package deal, so if you would like to stay up to date until the last NBA Finals contest, know, NBA League Pass has got you covered.

2. Baseball Annual MLB.TV Premium

For $24.99 MLB you can watch the entire Major League Baseball season wherever you can take your mobile device. This deal includes access to games on all of your mobile devices and X-Box (with the Live Gold subscription), access to 150 spring training games and any MLB games from any season later than 2008. Catch your favorite teams at a fraction of the cost of cable and get full stats each month, along with DVR functionality as well. All games are in HD quality and available 24/7. Up late, infomercials will not be needed. Watch quality sports anytime with MLB.TV

3. Hockey NHL Game Center Live

Now that hockey is back, catch all of the games on your favorite device by purchasing Game Center Live. For $49.99, you get to watch game highlights while the game is still going on with picture in picture view, you can rewind or restart the games at your discretion, and you have access to classic games picked by the NHL staff dating back to the 1960s. Whether you ar ea Gretsky go-hard or a New Jersey Devil, league pass will keep you satisfied when you can not make it to the rink.

If you like to watch a variety of sports at a lower frequency then perhaps 40 games per week, you can always try or some of the major networks to catch a particular game you might fancy. In the summer of 2012, users could catch the olympics on, but just because the olympics have passed, does not mean you have to be discluded. Sites such as, and allow you to watch live streams without a subscription through a cable network.

Mia Hall is a sports entertainment professional specializing in the business of sports. She has worked with organizations such as the WNBA, NY Knicks, and The High School of Sports Management. She is passionate about the youth of today and committed to organizations such as PowerPlay NYC, Inc. and other youth empowering organizations. Mia is a graduate of Hampton University and Harvard University. A native of Brooklyn, New York, she covers events in NYC and beyond.

Twitter: @Mia_HallDaily

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