The New Blackberry Q10: Will It Have To Pick Up Where The Z10 May Leave Off ?

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Blackberry is on the verge of making a major strategic comeback. I’m sure the big wigs at Blackberry go by the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed (or impress anyone), try, try again”. They no longer go by the moniker of RIM [January 30, 2013, RIM (Research in Motion) announced that the company will officially be known as BlackBerry] and they’re introducing two new smartphones this year. The Blackberry Z10 and Q10, both running Blackberry os10. The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone that’s had quite a buzz on the web seemed to be pretty cool when we first saw it, but we found out that investors and others aren’t impressed much. That’s why we ask will the Blackberry Q10 have to pick up where the z10 may leave off?

The Q10 is one of the two new smartphones Blackberry has slated to release this year after the Z10. We all know Blackberry got lots of play and respect in the past due to their enterprise email system and the all original portrait-shaped bar phones with the full qwerty keyboard. The thing is, there are still die-hard Blackberry owners that haven’t jumped ship yet to score an iPhone or an Android device with the full touch screen. Blackberry knows this. Hence the Blackberry Q10 featuring a pretty sizable touch screen and a full qwerty keyboard. Blackberry wants to offer the best of both worlds. Check out the gallery below after you see what the Q10 has to offer.

The Blackberry Q10′s features:

  • 3.1 inch AMOLED display, makes room for physical keyboard [best of both worlds
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor [makes apps run super-fast and web browsing speedy]
  • 2GB of RAM [Random Access Memory lets you multitask easily]
  • 16GB of internal memory [lots of built-in storage space for music, pictures and documents]
  • 2,100mAh battery [long live your battery !]

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