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Ditch your Cable Box and Save Money with Media Centers, Apple TV vs Roku 2 vs Boxee

image via Lets face it. We all hate paying upwards of $100 dollars per month or more on a cable bill. Plus, the current economic climate has been hard on a lot…

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Facebook and iOS6 (8)

Facebook and iOS6 Play Nice Together To Sync Your Contacts and Calenders

Recently I took the plunge and decided to upgrade my iPhone’s software to the notorious iOS 6 update.  This update came with a slew of new features like Passbook, Face time over cellular,…

lainie ios tips and tricks

Lainie’s Quick Tip for your iPad: How to Split The Keyboard

Just like the secret menu at Starbucks or In and Out, your iOS device is no different.  Have you ever seen a friend close an app with a few finger swipes and wonder…


How to Keep your iPhone Secure and on Lock Down

The average person purchased their iPhone and was totally too caught up in awe to customize it beyond a personal ringtone. Here at Dfragg we like to keep our readers up to date and…


The Instagram Tilt-Shift Droplet Filter Has Been Added To The Android Version

 I’ve been patiently awaiting the cool droplet filter for the Android version of Instagram for a while now. Its almost as though the Instagram gods heard my cry because sure enough, they’ve added…


New Hidden iPad Split Keyboard Lets You Type Like You Text

If you own an iPad, chances are you more than likely also own an iPhone.  One distinction which becomes apparent from using both devices is the way you type.  Simply put, most people…

top 5 ios apps tech ladies

Top 5 iOS Apps For My Tech Ladies

Lets be honest, ladies and cutting edge technology are often considered polar opposites, depending on who you ask. I personally disagree. Had it not been for the few game changing apps I mention below,…

google reader

Blog Overload? Google Reader Can Help

Attack of the Blooooogs? The internet can be a huge BLOOOOOB of information overload, taking over all aspects of your life and giving you pseudo ADD in the process. To help you manage…

Galaxy Nexus i9250

Speed Up Your Slow Ice Cream Sandwich Nexus

By now the Galaxy Nexus has probably made it’s way to the top of the most wanted list for Android OS devices. Not only was it the first smartphone to run Ice Cream…

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